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Photo by Fran Companian

Photo by Fran Companian


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The Other Place by Sharr White

Elaine’s stage credits include productions of Gypsy for both the 6th Street Playhouse and Bay Area Musicals (BAM), Tanya inMama Mia!, Prin in Oedipus at Palm Springs, Alice B. Toklas in Gertrude Stein & A Companion, Sister Aloysius in Doubt, Kate in Brighton Beach Memoirs and Juliana Smithton in The Other Place.

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Elaine Jennings, acclaimed for her role as Juliana in a 2015 Upstage Napa Valley production "The Other Place," gives a touching performance as Kate, Eugene’s mother, whose job is to keep food on the table, and a watchful eye on her sons.

David Stoneberg

The standout performer is Jennings, whose raw performance of Prin is convincing, tense and, at times, heartbreaking. Alex Jiménez, Daily Californian

Alex Jiménez, Daily Californian

Toklas, sensitively and sharply portrayed by Elaine Jennings, turns out to be a more commanding figure than we thought. 

Kim Waldron, Theatrius

Alice’s “fix” opens the stage to one of the most enjoyable and heart-rending sets of revelations you will see this season. That’s because Jenning’s “Alice” is the mother that every son both loves and dreads. She dotes upon her new granddaughter, yet wields a shark-like wit against anyone that threatens her family’s happiness.

Tom Stockwell

Elaine Jennings’ stellar performance as Sister Aloysius in Doubt captivated the audience. Every fibre of her being emanated a cold blooded desire to act on her suspicions of one of her staff’s suspected inappropriate behavior, whether or not those suspicions were accurate. Her fury was terrifying to behold. Ms. Jennings took convincing command of her role with a completeness not often found in a small community theatre. The Napa Valley is fortunate to have such a talented artist in its midst.

Denise Armstead, San Franciso Bay Area

Theatre Critics Circle

 “The Other Place” was engaging and thought-provoking and even days after seeing it, I doubt if I can answer all the questions that arise.

David Stoneberg

acting RESUME

LOVE, LOSS & WHAT I WORE Ensemble, directed by Libby Oberlin, 6th Street Playhouse

Gypsy Tessie Tura/Miss Cratchitt, directed by Matthew McCoy, Bay Area Musicals

Gypsy Miss Mazeppa, directed by Jared Sakren, 6th Street Playhouse

Mama Mia! Tanya, directed by Deborah Shaw, Diego Rivera Theatre

Sleeping Beauty Panto Maleficent, directed by Patricia Miller, Custom Made Theater

Tim Robbins' Cradle Will Rock Hallie Flanagan, directed by Patricia Miller, Diego Rivera Theatre

Oedipus at Palm Springs Prin, directed by Kathryn Wood, Theatre Rhinoceros

Clever Little Lies Alice, directed by Sharie Renault, Upstage Napa Valley

Doubt Sister Aloysius, directed by Sharie Renault, Upstage Napa Valley

Brighton Beach Memoirs Kate, directed by Sharie Renault, Upstage Napa Valley

Gertrude Stein & A Companion Alice B. Toklas, directed by John Fisher & Kathryn Wood

Theatre Rhinoceros

Call Me Tania (Musical Café Showcase) Mrs. Hearst, directed by Loretta Janca, Piano Fight

Science Fair (Musical Café Showcase) Florence, directed by Farah Dinga, Piano Fight

The Other Place Juliana Smithton, directed by Sharie Renault, Upstage Napa Valley

The Language Archive The Language Tutor, directed by Sharie Renault, Upstage Napa Valley

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